Our last day at ‘Work’

The last day of work was surreal.  Our final day just happened to land on the Friday prior to the Memorial weekend.  We were going camping for the holiday so we were leaving straight from the office and pretty much we showed up to just say our goodbyes.  We stopped at our favorite taco joint and took along the makings for Mimosa’s. We ate breakfast and headed to the coach to leave.  I was excited about spending the weekend with my son, his wife and our grandson but a little sad about the chapter of my life I was leaving behind.  I was also leaving behind the people that I had spent 5 days a week with for 27 years.  Everyone was in a jovial mood- full bellies and champagne-as we jumped in the coach to leave. The whole office followed us outside to wave goodbye.  I rushed to the coach because I thought I was going to cry.   My son and his wife started laughing and pointing and I glanced back to find everyone had locked themselves out of the building.  They were shouting- “It’s okay… we will be alright without you”.   I was sure they would be fine without us…..


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