First things first..

Talk to kids- they are actually adults but will always be our kids.  Our daughter Angela was present at the hatching of the plan so I know her feelings on the subject – all for it – in fact she bet us $1000.00 that we wouldn’t follow through.  But that was no real surprise- she has always been our gypsy.  Our son Eric on the other hand is more of the traditional type- not typically ridged- just compared to his sister- and I wasn’t sure of his reaction.  Relief-he was all for it and excited to see how this would work.  Both of the kids and their spouses were not only supportive but excited for us.  Now, I will allow myself to get excited about the real possibility that this could work.  I don’t think I could have gone forward without their blessing.  Why did I think they might not be supportive?  For one thing, we are parents and grandparents and I was afraid of what this would do to all our family traditions.  Up to this point all the Thanksgivings and Christmas’ had been at our house and now there would be no Diddy and Papas house to go to.  Guilt sets in quick.  I will have to deal with “IT”.

Talk to financial advisor-this was almost as scary as talking to the kids! Highly recommend everyone over the age of 50 talk to someone. (We use a guy at Edward Jones that I have known for several years through work).  They have computer models they can use to give you an idea of what your “retirement” will look like.  Some people need the brick and mortar family home and some need the stability of a big savings account.  We are not rich people but we have been putting money back and we would have to use the money from the sale of our house to make it work.

Talk to work- this was much harder than I could have imagined.  Just thinking about what I would say or how he/they would react sent me into panic mode.    I had worked for Ken for almost 27 years.  It was family.  I needed and wanted to do this but I also wanted them to be ok.  No, I am not that important, I’d like to think I was, but I was familiar and this was going to affect them too.  To magnify the situation, Clinton and I both worked for the same company.    I love these people.  Guilt rears its ugly head again.

Talk to RV people- this turned out to be so much fun!  We ended up buying our ‘rig’ – RV lingo- from Motorhome Specialist in Alvarado, Texas.    I’ll go into details on this later.  How much can you afford?  What type of camper/trailer/RV/toy hauler? What do you really need to travel comfortably and enjoy it full time?

Tipping point- I think that everyone that contemplates a big change in their life reaches a tipping point.  Mine came in the form of an ugly illness and family tragedy.  In November 2016, Clintons sister, Terri, at the ripe old age of 56 was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  TOO YOUNG Geez, how unfair. She is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever known.    We are in Texas, she is in Florida.  How much time do we have with her?

We can always make money but we can’t make time.  It was time to pull the trigger.

4 thoughts on “First things first..”

  1. How very exciting! After a couple of years of retirement ((I’m 70 now), living in Alaska, trying not to “should upon” myself, I am traveling when I want to where I want. I don’t know if I EVER would have had the sense to retire, but circumstances forced me to: I no longer had a choice. I wish you well. Point that rig north and come and see me!

  2. I miss and envy you at the same time! 4 more years for us. Will I be able to tell when y’all will be around dallas on this blog? Love seeing your Facebook posts. Be safe and enjoy Love yall

  3. Love it , and every time I drive to my job I look at a rig in the lot at the RV DEALERSHIP! Keep writing, driving, loving and living! Can’t wait to see you both again and wishing y’all a very happy and ROMANTIC Valentines Day! Love, love, love to you both, Charla

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