Life Inspirations- Philosophies

Several years ago we were introduced to Mike Dooley and his concept of ‘Infinite Possibilities”,  Some of you may have seen him in the movie The Secret.

One of my favorite quotes of his is “Courage to dream big and take action in spite of self doubt”.

Among his many talents and endeavors he provides a Daily Motivation called Notes from the Universe –  Check it out.

After meeting Mike Dooley we met his brother Andy Dooley, who calls himself a spiritual comedian and motivational speaker.  He is awesome and we are proud to call him a friend.  You can check out some of his videos by clicking here.

I could go on and on about these two.  You can learn more by visiting

Our life was forever changed!

Thoughts Become Things… Choose the Good Ones!®


Other Full Time RV people

Gone with the Wynns–  a young couple that sold everything and made RV living a business. They have now moved into a Catamaran and are sailing all over the world.

The Lady is a Tramp– a single woman, former attorney with Crohn’s Disease that makes not apologies for living the life she wants to live.


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